Welcome to JAMTowne Preschool!

It would be our privilege to have your child attend this wonderful preschool. We are a Christian preschool and that is where we get our name, JAM, which stands for Jesus and Me.

JAMTowne is for children who are 2-5 years old. We strive to teach children basic education, motor, and appropriate developmental behaviors in fun, hands-on ways. You can learn more about our program by clicking "Program" on the side of your screen (or below on mobile). We do all this while keep faith in Jesus as a focal point in our classrooms.

The preschool years are exciting and important times in our children’s lives. We encourage you to participate in your child’s school activities as often as possible, as nothing can replace the time spent with your child! Remember, childhood should be a journey and not a race. JAMTowne is honored to be a part of your child’s journey.


Anna Anderson
(252) 338-2248

JAMTowne Staff

Anna Anderson
Director, 2's Teacher
Peggy Wood
4/5 Teacher
Amanda Russell
Assistant Director, 3's Teacher
Rebecca Beasley
2's Assistant Teacher
Rosanna Ford
2/3's Assistant Teacher
Sarah Lane
4/5's Assistant Teacher