Discovery Classes


Discovery Classes help us to become more like Christ. The four classes address different aspects of the discipleship path that we are all on. The classes are currently offered twice a year. Look for them in the announcements and bulletin!

Discovery 101
If you’ve been visiting with us and want to know more about Towne South Church of Christ, if you’ve been thinking about membership at Towne South, or if you’ve never attended the Discovery 101 class, we encourage you to do so. Our goal is to eventually have every member and attendee complete this class. If you want to discover more about living the Christian life, some of our basic beliefs, and Towne South’s over-all plan and strategy, this class is for you.
Discovery 201
How would you like to grow closer to the Lord? Maybe you need a boost in your relationship with Him. If so, Discovery 201 is the seminar for you. The focus of this class is on the habits every Christian needs to develop in order to grow spiritually. These habits include such things as bible study, prayer, fellowship and stewardship. This class equips you with the skills you need to begin these habits and explains the tools you need to continue these habits.
Discovery 301
This class helps you identify your God-given passion, spiritual gifts, and personal style. God has designed each of us in such a way that we have a unique contribution to make in the body of Christ, the church. The goal is to help you get plugged into a ministry. Having the right people in the right place for the right reason is what this class is all about.
Discovery 401
A mature Christian is a multiplying member of the Church. Multiplying members are those who are active in sharing their faith with friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers. This seminar teaches you how to build bridges with people so that you may have an opportunity to share the gospel with them. This seminar consists of four sessions.