Building Use Policy

Towne South Church of Christ
Towne South Church of Christ exists to bring today’s people into a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ. Consequently, the primary use of the building is for worship services, Bible study and adult/youth discipleship programs under the leadership of Towne South’s ministry team.    

When in keeping with our mission and purpose, TSCOC may make its facilities available to outside community and church groups. The facilities may be used by organizations and individuals as outlined in this policy.  TSCOC considers this use by groups, organizations, and individuals outside of the church to be part of the church’s service to the community.
Who May Use Church Facilities
“Church Facilities,” as used herein, means the building, parking lot, and church grounds, including playground.   Use of Church Facilities shall be prioritized, in the event of conflicting demand, as follows:

1.    TSCOC meetings, events, activities, and ministries shall hold priority over any other request.
2.    Invited guests of TSCOC.
3.    Service groups and charitable organizations (Hospice, Red Cross, etc.)
4.    TSCOC members
5.    Outside, non-ministry groups

Groups or organizations whose activities or positions conflict with the mission, doctrine and core values of TSCOC may be denied the right to use Church Facilities.  Whether the proposed use of church facilities agrees with the mission, doctrine and core values of TSCOC is a matter involving interpretation of church doctrine.  

In addition, any group or organization that does not appear able to provide appropriate supervision for its activities may also be denied use of Church Facilities.    

Any prior approval for use of Church Facilities may be revoked if there is a church ministry use desired at the same time as the previously-approved use or if there is a request for use of the facility by any group or organization of a higher priority in the list above at the same time as the previously-approved use.   

In addition, the proposed use may not require exclusive use of the Church Facilities.  If the proposed only utilizes a portion of the Church Facilities, then TSCOC reserves the right to simultaneously use the remaining portion of the Church Facilities.
How to Request Use of Church Facilities
To request use of the Church Facilities, the proposed user must submit the following form:
           Facility Request Form/Facility Use Agreement

All documentation may be obtained from and should be submitted through the church website.  Once this documentation has been submitted,then the proposed use request will be considered.   

Requests for use of the Church Facilities must be made at least two weeks before the event date.  However, as a general rule, Church Facilities may not be reserved more than 45 days in advance, except for weddings and ministry events.
Approval of Use of Church Facilities
The use of Church Facilities shall be scheduled through the Executive Minister only.  The Executive Minister reserves the right to consult with senior staff and elders as to whether or not a group may use its facilities.  By submitting a request to use the Church Facilities, a community group, organization or individual agrees that the church may decide, in its sole discretion, whether the group, organization, or individual may use the church's facilities, and this decision will be final and not subject to challenge. 

The Executive Minister shall have sole discretion in the use of Church Facilities and whether a particular use is appropriate. The decision to revoke any previously approved use shall be made by the Executive Minister.  Any of these duties may be delegated by the Executive Minister, in his sole discretion, to another staff member.
Prior to Use of Church Facilities
At least one week prior to the proposed use, the User must pay all fees and provide evidence of insurance, as more particularly set forth below. 

Users approved for use of Church Facilities may be assigned an "Event Director."  The Event Director’s purpose is to oversee use of Church Facilities.   In advance of the scheduled event, Proposed User must pay all fees required to be paid to the Event Director or the Church’s designee.  To the extent a Production Team member is assigned to the event, User must also pay all fees required to be paid to the Production Team member in advance of the scheduled event.  The fees due the Event Director and Production Team member(s) are based on the scheduled timeline of the event.  To the extent an event exceeds the original projected time frame, User must supplement the pay to the Event Director and Production Team member, as applicable, to be consistent with the actual time period for the event. 

Any users, which are approved for use of the Church Facilities, shall obtain a policy of commercial general liability insurance insuring Users, its agents, employees, independent contractors, guests, permittees and invitees against claims and losses relating to the use of the Church Facilities, in an amount not less than a combined single limit per occurrence (bodily injury and property damage) of One Million Dollars($1,000,000.00) and a Two Million Dollar ($2,000,000.00) aggregate limit.  The policy shall name Towne South Church of Christ as an additional insured on the User's commercial general liability/property damage insurance policy.  Should the User not have commercial general liability/property damage insurance, an event insurance policy should be purchased in equivalent amounts.  

The Executive Minister may waive, in writing, the requirement to provide insurance, as set forth in the preceding sentence, in its sole discretion.
During Use of the Church Facilities
User agrees to make use of the Church Facilities in compliance with all county, state, and federal laws, including fire codes.  In addition, the user agrees to make use of the Church Facilities in accordance with all church policies, rules, and practice and enforce the following restrictions, including but limited to the following:  
1.    Smoking, vaping and any other use of tobacco products is prohibited on Church Facilities.
2.    Illegal drugs are prohibited on the Church Facilities.
3.    Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the Church Facilities.
4.    Foul language is not allowed. 

User is responsible for providing all necessary and appropriate safety instructions to all participants, vendors, employees,contractors or guests at User's event. All minor children must be supervised by an adult.  Responsible adult supervision must be with the group at all times when facilities are in use. 

User understands that TSCOC reserves the right to control and manage the facility and to enforce all necessary and proper rules for the management and operation of Church Facilities. TSCOC, its employees, its members, and its agents shall have free access at all times to all spaces occupied by User. 

User shall make no temporary or permanent modifications to any church property unless approved in advance by the Executive Minister.  User shall be responsible for any damage to the buildings, grounds, fields, and equipment incident to the use of the Church's Facilities caused by any of User's participants, vendors, employees,contractors or guests.  

During the use of the Church Facilities, if the audio-visual equipment is needed, then you will need to payfor a member TSCOC’s Production Team to be present at your event. The A/V equipment will only be operated by a member of the production team (See Fee Schedule).  However, the use of DVD and televisions in classrooms may be used without a member of the production Team. 

Furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) or equipment belonging to the church may be loaned or removed from the building pending approval of the Executive Minister.  However, each User must provide their own linens, utensils, glasses and dishes.
Prior to Vacating the Church Facilities
Church Facilities must be left in a thoroughly clean condition.  

User must remove all of its materials from the church facilities within 2 hours after the event is concluded, absent another approved arrangement with the Executive Minister. Any item or material left at the church facilities more than 10 days after an event is concluded shall be deemed abandoned and shall become property of the church to be used or disposed of as the church alone determines.   

To ensure the return of the Church Facilities to good order, the User should take steps to ensure cleanliness, including but not limited to the following measures:      
1.  All trash cans will be emptied and taken to the dumpster and fresh bags installed in cans.
2.  All toiletswill be flushed.
‍3.  All tableued will be wiped down with a damp cloth and disinfectant cleaner.
4.  Floors will be dry mopped and then damp mopped.
‍5.  Any carpetused will be vacuumed.
‍6.  All sinkswhether in classrooms, bathrooms, or kitchens will be wiped down withdisinfectant cleaner if used.
‍7.  All chairsand tables will be set back up as per instructions.
‍8.  Allequipment used will be put back in its proper place. 

After the Church Facilities have been used, the Executive Member or his representative will inspect the Church Facilities for cleanliness and damage.  If additional cleaning or repairs are needed, TSCOC will seek reimbursement from the User for any costs that TSCOC incurs or it may charge for clean-up performed by church staff and members.